‘Green Bus’ offers free ride around Baguio City’s CBD

BAGUIO CITY — Glad to be Green, Inc. (G2BG), launched over the weekend “The Green Bus” which made its run along the main thoroughfares of the Central Business District (CBD).
The Green Bus is a four-wheeled, 14-seater urban transporter with mounted solar panels that charges as it runs making use of the sun’s power.
The Green Bus runs at a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour (ideal for compact cities) and could cover 120 kilometers before requiring a recharge.
The Green Bus is on its experimental run for two months, thus rides will be free for everyone.
The Green Bus is the only one its kind in Baguio and the rest of Northern Luzon which was manufactured by Star 8 Philippines, a leading solar technology and solutions manufacturing company.
Ferdie Balanag, Information Officer of G2BG on Monday, June 13 said the company (G2BG) will not replace or compete with existing public transport systems.
The Green Bus will be operating for free because G2BG would like to inspire people to switch to green technology and start using solar energy to power their homes, businesses, and vehicles.
G2BG has projects lined-up throughout the year that will not only create substantial value for the community to inspire people to take positive action towards adapting a more sustainable way of living, Balanag said.
G2BG supports and advocates for an energy sector market transformation through interventions on policy, finance, capacity development and awareness which may result in a sustainable, responsible and clean environment.
The objective of the G2BG project is to help develop the socio-economic context by which sustainable energy can be possible, viable and practical in its implementation of projects, Balanag said.
Balanag said there is widespread popular support for use of renewable energy, particularly solar, water and wind energy, which provide electricity without giving rise to any carbon dioxide emissions.
The Green Bus, Balanag explained, does not pollute the air nor make noises like conventional engines.
The technology shows that solar and electric vehicles are economically viable for the public transport sector.
The costs involved are significantly lower and it can now commercially compete with jeepneys and taxis.
The Green Bus will help in the decongestion and pedestrianization of the city center.
“With the free rides, we hope to discourage more people from bringing their cars and contributing to the already worsening Baguio traffic. We also hope to encourage people to walk to their desired destinations from our strategically placed bus stops. Less traffic while promoting good health,” Balanag said. PNA/northboundasia.com