German parliament proposes to abandon Petrol, Diesel cars in EU by 2030

MOSCOW — Bundesrat, the lower house of Germany’s parliament, issued a decree proposing to abolish use of cars fueled by petrol and diesel on the territory of the European Union by 2030, in a bid to cut carbon dioxide emissions, local media reported Saturday, citing the decree.

Bundesrat calls on the European Commission to revise current tax policies of EU countries on transport “in order to allow commissioning on the EU territory not later than by 2030 only of those vehicles, which would not emit exhaust fumes,” the Bundesrat statement said, as quoted by the Spiegel Online news outlet.

Under the terms of the Paris Agreement, Germany should cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 95 percent by 2050. However, the transition to electric cars is going relatively slowly, with the payment of bonuses for acquisition of electricity-powered vehicles not bringing the expected results. PNA/Sputnik –