GAB blacklists 80 boxers for submitting fake CT scan

MANILA — The Games and Amusements Board (GAB) blacklisted and barred from fighting 80 boxers who submitted fake CT scans, GAB Chairman Abraham Kahlil B. Mitra announced based on findings by the GAB Medical Section.

The order was signed by Commissioners Eduard Trinidad and Matthew P. Gaston and Chairman Mitra.

“The blacklisted boxers are barred from fighting. Their licenses will only be activated upon submission of new CT scans,” Mitra said. The Board released the order on GAB Case No. 04-17( Motu Proprio complaint vs Lory Abeleda, et. al.), dated July 7, 2017 which “ordered the BLACKLISTED and BARRED from applying for or renewing his license, transacting with GAB, or otherwise acting as a professional licensee of the Board, until further orders of the Board upon submission of the original copy of their CT scan results”.

“Our Medical Section observed irregularities in the CT scan results submitted by the boxers. They were fake and tampered. As a regulatory body, we must ensure that boxers are fit to fight. It is for the boxers’ welfare and health. The integrity of the sport also depends on the integrity of the licensing process of GAB,” Mitra said.

“Those in the blacklist are barred from fighting. For now, the blacklisted have a chance to re-apply once they submit CT scans that will pass the scrutiny of the GAB Medical Section. I want to make it clear that the boxers in the attached list still have the fair opportunity to apply for licenses or renewal.” PR/