Fuel, LPG prices up again this week

Fuel, LPG prices up again this week

MANILA – Oil companies have announced they are implementing price increases on fuel products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) this week.

Starting Tuesday, Chevron, Cleanfuel, Petro Gazz, PTT Philippines, Seaoil, and Shell will raise diesel prices by PHP0.85 per liter and gasoline prices by PHP1 per liter.

Chevron, Seaoil, and Shell will also increase prices of kerosene by PHP0.70 per liter.

Gasoline prices at the pump have been increasing for five straight weeks, and four consecutive weeks of price hike for diesel and kerosene products.

Meanwhile, LPG prices are up for this month.

Starting Monday, Petron implemented PHP0.82 per kilogram increase on LPG, and PHP0.46 per liter on AutoLPG.

Prices of Solane-branded LPG also rose by PHP0.65 per kilogram.

The LPG price hike translates to PHP7.15 to PHP9.02 increment on costs of a regular 11-kilogram LPG tank.

The price adjustments reflected movements in the global market. (PNA)