PARIS — The French authorities have sent their 1,500-strong unit of servicemen to ensure security in Paris after a large-scale terrorist act occurred in the French capital on Friday evening, the Elysee Palace said after an extraordinary ministerial conference led by President Francois Hollande.

“Fifteen hundren servicemen have been additionally mobilized now,” the presidential press service said.

Earlier, in his address to the nation, Hollande said the republic’s authorities “mobilized all possible forces to neutralize terrorists and ensure security of all neighborhoods that may be threatened.”

“I also demanded a military reinforcement, and it is already in the Paris agglomeration now,” he said.

A series of terrorist acts took place at various venues in Paris Friday evening with the use of automatic weapons and explosive devices. Overall, at least 100 people were killed. Hostages were taken in the Bataclan concert hall where 1,500 people gathered for a rock concert. The president declared the state of emergency in the country and closure of state borders. PNA/TASS