Firefighters now clearing HTI of remaining sources of heat, says interior chief

MANILA– Interior and Local Government Secretary Ismael Sueno said firefighters are currently clearing the House Technology Industries (HTI) in Cavite of remaining sources of heat that could re-kindle the fire.

“As of now, firefighters are at the crucial last stage before totally extinguishing the fire, which is also the longest phase, but around 90 percent of the building is cleared, according to reports from our provincial fire marshal,” Sueno said Friday.

The factory, located at the Cavite Export Processing Zone, caught fire on Wednesday and injured at least 126 factory workers.

Sueno explained that while the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) is in charge of fire inspection and fire prevention in ecozones, it still collaborates with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) during actual fire incidents within the ecozone. The BFP is under the interior department.

“We see no issue if ecozones have their own firefighting forces because this only goes to show that they are responsible enough to take charge of enforcing fire safety measures within their areas,” he said.

What is important is the BFP is always ready to help during fires and other emergencies, he added.

The Japanese-owned HTI manufactures prefabricated housing construction materials.