Finding a career in IT outsourcing

MANILA — The information technology outsourcing (ITO) industry is considered to be one of the Philippines’ top job generators.

Global firms such as Telus International Philippines have established and are expanding operations in the country, attracted by the large pool of competent knowledge workers.

The industry has grown 12-fold in its revenue since the emergence of the industry in 2004, offering competitive opportunities to educate and skilled IT professionals.

Title developer, Java and Unix specialist, ITO operations manager and technology consultant, are just some of the many roles aspiring IT professionals may explore within the field.

“IT graduates and professionals, who are looking for a competitive and rewarding career, may be surprised to find their calling in ITO. The landscape has changed and ITO specialists should now be competent to not only address various technical issues, but also to deliver solutions and services through application development and infrastructure management,” said Francis Fontanoza, Client Relationship Manager of TELUS International Philippines (TIP), one of the pioneers and key players in the local ITO industry.

Working in the technical side of customer service, ITO professionals can utilize their specialized skills. Service desk or the front-end support provides assistance on user interface, while IT infrastructure experts handle networks and databases of specific companies of organizations, and application managers and developers produce and create programs.

As part of an in-demand industry, ITO professionals receive a rewarding compensation.’s Annual Salary Report for 2015 revealed that those working in the fields of IT are among the highest paid in the country. In ITO, one can also work their way up the professional ladder by acquiring new skills. They can aim for higher paying and technical positions like Java developer and system administrator.

To keep up with the continuous development in technology, ITO professionals are given a chance to expand their knowledge and abilities through different programs and activities.

TIP, in particular, supports its team members’ technical and creative ability. The company has TELUS International University, which offers full and short courses such as data network engineering, and new technology solutions to enhance technical skills; and foreign languages, culinary, and performing arts to support unique talents.

“Information Technology is very crucial in our everyday lives, whether we are using gadgets, exploring the internet or expanding our business. People are in constant need of technical support that we in the ITO sector provide. If you want to keep ahead with technology and jumpstart a rewarding career path, ITO is the way to go,” explains Fontanoza. PNA/