Filipinos welcome, valued in Taiwan: TECO

MANILA — Amid a recent report that the Philippines is the second most hated country among Taiwanese, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Manila on Tuesday clarified that there is no animosity towards Filipinos.

Minister James Chu of TECO said not all Taiwanese dislike the Philippines, saying that “Filipino people are a lovely people.”

Together with Jerry Chuang, director at TECO, Chu underscored the poll only represents “very small” sentiment of the entire Taiwanese population

“We have 150,000 Filipinos working in Taiwan and we very much value and appreciate their efforts for the Taiwan economic development,” he added.

For Chuang, both countries are “natural partners” and always get along well.

“You Filipinos are always welcome to Taiwan. It’s just an article being relayed, but if you would look at it, you need to look at the details for what it comes up. You just don’t pick up one certain piece and exaggerate everything,” he said.

Chan said the “real” indicators are stories of Filipinos who have come across fellow Taiwanese and have been treated with respect.

“Personal experiences, that’s the most real ones. How they encounter with the local people in Taiwan, how they are being treated well and warmly, that really indicates friendship, otherwise, you would have heard only negative things.”

“Be confident and be really relaxed, you can go to Taiwan and feel at home,” he said.

The Philippines ranked second as the most hated countries among Taiwanese, reported a Taiwanese news site, citing the Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation survey.

Manila Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan described the results as “truly lamentable,” but said “it will strive to further promote cooperation between the Philippines and Taiwan.” (Joyce Ann Rocamora/