Filipino engineer develops own electric-powered car

Filipino engineer develops own electric-powered car

MANILA — An automobile manufacturing firm has developed an electric-powered car as part of its vision to ensure the sustainability of the environment.

Clima Mobility, which was founded by engineer Adonis Lagangan, developed a prototype of an electronic sedan called the Genius EV which has a seating capacity of five persons and is powered by a 10 kW, 72 volts brushless DC motor.08 28 - car 02

The vehicle is provided by 6 pieces 12-volt, 120 ampere-hour Motolite batteries with a maximum speed of 75 kph with a range of 60 to 70 kms after charging for 4 to 5 hours.

Lagangan expects to sell the Genius EV for a target SRP of about Php 450,000 to Php 500,000 and plans to offer it to LGUs and other government agencies, corporate clients, taxi operators, and individuals.

“It can be used as a small electric taxi for Metro Manila, as a patrol car for the barangays, as a service vehicle for LGUs, government agencies and big companies and as a delivery car for logistics companies with the rear portion modified as an enclosed van. Even individuals who wish to save on fuel and help reduce pollution in the city will find the Genius EV the perfect solution”, he said.

Lagangan said his company planned to manufacture the vehicle on a build to order basis and was looking for potential investors for funding and technical assistance.

“Right now, we manufacture on a build-to-order basis. We need green financing to help finance our operations and an inventory of electric cars. Thus, we are now in search for grants and funding to build up our plant capacity,” according to the automobile manufacturer.08 28 - car 04

Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) said Clima Mobility was on track for the mass production of Genius EV.

“At this stage, a little help from government would be much needed because as of now, we have a mini sedan that we could proudly claim as Gawang Pinoy!,” EVAP President Rommel Juan said. PNA/