Filipino-Austrian makes waves in ice skating

KALIBO, Aklan — A 14-year old Filipino-Austrian is making waves in the field of slalom ice skating and aims to be a professional ice skater in the future.

In a recent interview with his mother, Gemma Imbang Umgeher, she said that his son Marco Umgeher won several awards in the field of ice skating since 2012.

His latest achievement in the field of so-called competitive winter sports is being first place in the total rating of the national championship in Austria.

He also won first place in the slalom race National Championship in Hochkar, Austria; 3rd place, giant slalom race National Championship in Lackenhof, Otscher, Austria, and 5th place, in Supr-G race, National Championship.

Marco started joining and winning the ice skating sports since he was 12 years old.

Gemma traces her roots in Sebaste, Antique.

“My son Marco wants to visit the Philippines. We are planning to bring him here July next year,” she said in an interview while visiting a friend here in Kalibo.

“One of his greatest challenge is his Filipino physique as compared to his counterparts who are Europeans and are big,” Gemma added. PNA/