CARSON CITY–Filipino-Americans in Southern California and Hawaii slammed President Aquino for campaigning for presidential candidate Mar Roxas and running mate Leni Robredo before a group of Filipino-Americans in the Los Angeles area.

“The President came to America on official business. but at the expense of the taxpayers’ money when he had the guts to campaign for Roxas and Robredo,” Gerry Labayog, a long time resident of Hawaii, said in his Facebook account.

Aquino attended the recently-concluded US-ASEAN Leaders’s Summit in Rancho Mirage in Riverside Country east of LA.

“Not only that, Aquino again blamed the late President Ferdinand Marcos and martial law for the present miseries of our country,”
Labayog, a one-time Philippine activist, said.

Another Filipino resident who refused to be identified, disputed Aquino’s statement before his LA audience that the Marcos government incurred huge foreign debts and that the Philippines is still paying for these obligations.

“Aquino should know his history. When Marcos sat in office, the Philippine debt was $16-B, but when he was forced out of office by the Yellow Army, the debt rose to $26-B,” he said.

“This means that for 20 years, the Marcos government only borrowed $10-B, but his accomplishments, especially in infrastructures, are still unsurpassed by all presidents who came after him,” he said.

“Aquino is just an intellectual imbecile who keeps blabbering and blabbering without thinking of the consequences, “Silverio Pascual of Menifee said.

“He should not be dividing the Filipino community in the US by telling them who to vote for in the coming 2016 polls in the Philippines,” Pascual added. He noted that in his speech before the LA Fil-American group, Aquino took a swipe at the younger Marcos, a leading vice-presidential contender.

“Matial law had nothing to do with “Bongbong” Marcos,” Joedefill Guiras, a nurse in Daly City, where a great number of Filipino
expatriates live, said.

Junjun Suyat Castroverde (not his real name), a resident of West Covina warned, “Filipinos should wake up and not be misled by the lies of Aquino and his administration.”

In the Rancho Mirage conference between leaders of the US and the Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN), the first of its kind held in American soil, Aquino emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law in resolving the territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

President Obama expressed desire for Asean to present a united front against China’s aggressive island-buildings in the South China Sea, where it has reportedly deployed a surface-to-air missile in an island claimed by the Philippines.

Asean is composed of Brunei Darussallam, Cambodia,Indonesia. Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Guerrero Coloma/