FilAm cites Filipino inventor

MANILA – A visiting Filipino-American has cited a Filipino inventor for developing a device that greatly helps reduce pollution emitted not only from vehicles but also from generators and ships.

Jun Pedery, a retired logistics officer of Lockheed Martin Corporation based in Bethesda, Maryland, lauded George de Guzman, the enterprising Filipino inventor who invented an anti-pollution gadget called “Power-Up”fuel combustor.

Pedery heard about de Guzman’s invention over radio station DZBB program host, Rene Sta. Cruz whom he called by phone to arrange for a meeting with the inventor.

Sta. Cruz, an advocate of Filipino inventors, called up de Guzman telling the latter that Pedery would like to meet him (de Guzman).

As a result, de Guzman and Pedery met twice, first at Alhambra Grill in Quezon City which was followed by another meeting at Merville subdivision in Parañaque City last Sunday.

During their meeting, Pedery told the Filipino inventor that he was gratified to witness first-hand how “Power-Up” works in containing pollution and at the same time injecting more power to the engine.

“I was so impressed during the actual demonstration of the device that there was practically no pollution was emitted from the vehicle that was newly installed with Power-Up,” Pedery said in an interview with this writer.

De Guzman told Pedery that “Power-Up” also saves fuel up to 50 percent and change oil is done only after 30,000 kilometers (13.6 miles).”

On his part, Pedery said: “When I go back to the U.S. I will tell my friends about ‘Power-Up’ and possibly introduce the device to some prospective investors to look into the possibility of bringing the invention to America.”

“I’m proud of this Filipino invention”, Pedery said, adding “I hope the Philippine government will help in propagating Filipino inventions because there are lots of them that will boost Philippine economy.”

In an interview, De Guzman said he had produced and sold so far over 9,000 “Power-Up” devices, and more have their vehicles installed.

He said that one of his customers is former Ilocos Sur Gov. Chavit Singson for his luxury yacht.

De Guzman hopes that the government supports not only his invention but all other Filipino inventors for that matter. Ben Cal/