Fifth Semana ti Ar-aria’s Parada Iloca-locana to turn Laoag City into ghost town

LAOAG CITY –Ilocos Norte is all set for the ‘Parada Iloca-locana,’ the highlight of this year’s ‘Semana ti Ar-aria’ as it turns the major roads of Laoag City into ghost town on Saturday.

“There are increasing number of people who want to watch and witness the ‘Parada Iloca-locana’ this year,” said Governor Imee R. Marcos during a press conference.

This year, ‘Parada Iloca-locana’ is expected to be led by Governor Marcos and will bring back Lilia Cuntapay, the Philippine’s original queen of horror films and the icon of the ‘Semana ti Ar-aria’ festival.

Dubbed as ‘Parada Iloca-locana’, this event is one of the most crowd-drawing festivity in Ilocos Norte’s ultimate Halloween bash since 2010 ,featuring the most terrifying ghost costumes and floats participated by the 21 towns and two cities of the province.

“This event will showcase the creativity the Ilocanos in making and conceptualizing their scary costumes,” noted Ilocos Norte Tourism Office.

Thousands of tourists and local audience will be expected to join the parade led by the employees of the provincial capitol, different LGUs and NGOs together with the bigger participation from the private sector.

The governor also added that there are a lot of surprises that the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte prepared for the audience.

Meanwhile, on November 1 to 2, festival-goers are invited to complete the Halloween pilgrimage by visiting the Tumba Festival of Paoay as well as the Paoay House of Horror at the Paoay Plaza.

The week-long ‘Semana ti Ar-Aria’ Halloween Festival highlights the province’s unique tradition of remembering the dead. PNA