Fewer brownouts now in Dagupan

DAGUPAN CITY — The newly-built substation of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines(NGCP) in Barangay Balingueo, Sta. Barbara is a big boon to all electric consumers in areas served by the Dagupan Electric Corporation.

With the NGCP facility, Dagupan City and other areas being serviced by Decorp now experience fewer, if not zero brownout, said Randy Castilan, Decorp legal officer and also spokesman.

Speaking during the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkasters sa Pilipinas (KBP) forum on Feb. 9, Castilan said one of Decorp’s two substations is now connected to the NGCP substation in Sta. Barbara.

Castilan said Decorp shifted its Calasiao substation to the NGCP’s Sta. Barbara substation as soon as the latter was energized in October last year.

In the past, Decorp’s two substations in Calasiao and in Dagupan are connected only to the NGCP substation in Labrador.

He said if there is maintenance activity at NGCP Labrador, all areas covered by Decorp are affected.

“In most cases, our interruptions lasted eight hours. For this reason, we shifted our Calasiao substation to the newly energized NGCP substation in Sta. Barbara,” he added.

If there is maintenance activity at NGCP Labrador, we can easily shift our Dagupan substation to NGCP substation in Sta. Barbara to prevent the occurrence of brownout, Castilan said.

The same will happen if NGCP Sta. Barbara will have its own maintenance activities too.

Castilan said Decorp has the transfer capability to prevent a long duration of electric interruption.

At the same time, Castilan announced that Decorp is now refunding meter deposits it had collected from registered consumers in the past.

He called on those who have unclaimed meter deposits to go to their office and get their refund, together with the corresponding interests.

Castilan said about eight years ago, they refunded meter deposits with interest.

Unfortunately, there were consumers who were unable to claim theirs. This amount was placed in one account from where the company is getting the money to refund the consumers.

Per an announcement made by Decorp, the refund of meter deposits started January 1 and will last until December 31 2017.

The claim of refunds on meter deposit is ongoing and in order to claim the same and their accumulated interests, the claimants must show proof that they are registered consumers of Decorp.

Meanwhile, Castilan explained that the generation charge in the bill of consumers will go to the power producer from where Decorp is sourcing out its power supply and not to Decorp.

It is wrong to blame Decorp for the increase in power generation charge since this amount, constituting 50 to 60 percent of the consumer’s electric bill,will be passed by Decorp to power producers.

Only around 20 percent of the bill is actually retained by Decorp as distribution, metering and supply charge.

Castilan admitted the generation charge is moving every month and this month of February, the increase is 50 centavos per kilowatt hour (KPH).

Understandably, it is because of the advent of summer when there is an increase in the demand for electricity in households, he said. Leonardo Micua/PNA-northboundasia.com