FBI detains several people with possible ties to New York bombing

MOSCOW, Sept. 19 (PNA/Sputnik) — Several people were detained under a bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York City, possibly with a connection to the New York bombing, Senator Martin Golden said.

On Saturday, a total of 29 people have been injured in the explosion that hit New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan on Saturday night.

Another device was found in the region but it had failed to detonate. “About an hour ago, the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] took several individuals into custody on the Belt Parkway in the area underneath the Verrazano Bridge, with a possible connection to the bombing last night in Chelsea,” Golden said on his Instagram account on Sunday, citing the New York police department.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday that investigators did not believe the New York incident was related to international terrorism.

Later Sunday, media reports emerged claiming that a “person of interest” was identified.