Ex-PNP Chief “Clears” La Union Mayor in Duterte’s Narcolist

BAUANG, La Union – Former PNP chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa formally announced here Monday that Mayor Eulogio Clarence Martin De Guzman III has been cleared in President Duterte’s list of narco-politicians in the province.

On why he tells Malacaňang that the name of Mayor De Guzman is negative with respect to the illegal drugs trade, “Bato” said that he was banking on the declaration of the provincial and regional police, He made the statement while meeting with local members of the Partido Feredal ng Pilipinas.

“Bato”, also a former director of the Bureau of Corrections and now running for Senator in the 2019 elections, said he recalled that De Guzman was one of the five La Union politicians named by President Duterte in his narco-list during the start of the Oplan Tokhang in 2016.

“When the war on the illegal drugs trade was launched at the beginning of the new administration, Mayor De Guzman immediately come to me and explained and I saw that he was speaking the truth,” he said..

De Guzman welcomed Bato’s declaration and thanked him for clearing his name.

“Coming from the former PNP chief who handled my case during the time I was mentioned in the narcolist. I, my wife (Minchie) and our kids were so relieved by his statement. God knows I don’t have anything to do with illegal drugs,” De Guzman said.

Recently, the names of former La Union congressman Eufranio Eriguel, Tubao Mayor Dante Garcia and De Guzman were no longer included in the list of illegal drug personalities issued recently by the Office of the President.

Copies of the list were distributed to heads of law enforcement agencies in the Ilocos Region.

Mayor Reynaldo Flores of Naguilian remained on the list for “further validation.”

Flores was dragged into the illegal drug issue following the discovery of a shabu laboratory in his town in 2008. Jun Elias/NPN-northboundasia.com