Elderly man shot dead over land dispute

Elderly man shot dead over land dispute

ARINGAY, La Union-A 62-year-old man was shot dead by an unknown assailant last Wednesday night in what initial investigation reported as caused by a land dispute between relatives.

The victim, Wilfredo Lozano, a resident of Barangay Pangao-aoan East, came home from a drinking spree in Barangay Leones East. He was was overheard by his youngest daughter, Christelle Ann Joy Manabat, vomiting outside their house while shouting invective against an unnamed enemy when two gunshots rang out. to tes

Christelle told this reporter that she ran outside and saw Lozano on the ground, dead with gunshot wounds in his chest and hands.

Senior Inspector Daniel Banan, in an interview, said that they are conducting follow up -operations among Lozano’s relatives in a
possible conspiracy theory related to land property of the family being contested among relatives themselves.

“We have direct links (with Lozano’s relatives), but we have to convince witnesses to speak or testify, especially his daughter,” Banan said.

Banan added that on the night of April 10, a gunman fired but missed Lozano in a barangay road in front of the victim’s compound..

Earlier, a close relative of Lozano disclosed that weeks before his death, he confided to him that his death threat was real and for him to look after his two daughters if something happened to him.

The close relative also reiterated initial police investigations that there was a strong possibility that land dispute was the cause of the killing of Lozano.

Lozano has another elder daughter by his common-law-wife; a sister and close relatives who live abroad. His 83-year-old mother lives with a nephew, Nathalie Laroza, a wedding planner who lives near Lozano’s house, where he lived with his two daughters.

According to relatives, including his mother, Lozano was never involved in politics as he was jobless and earned money as a bet
collector. He also received financial assistance from his relatives abroad.

Banan said that scene of the crime operatives failed to recover empty shells or slugs in the crime scene and autopy report sowed showed were no bullet fragmentsn found in Lozano’s body..

“The gunman might have used a revolver in killing Lozano,” he added. WILLIAM JUN GARCIA/northboundasia.com