Early Christmas Gift of Wellness for Mothers and Children in Pangasinan Town

POZORRUBIO, PANGASINAN—Mothers and children of this town received their Christmas gift of wellness early as SM Foundation turned over its 32nd newly- refurbished and renovated Barangay Health Center, the Pozorrubio Health Center, on Wednesday.

Beyond the standard medical services provided for by a barangay health center, this center especially focuses on addressing the special needs
of mothers and children.

SM Foundation turnover the 32nd newly refurbished and renovated Pozorrubio Health Center to the Municipality of Pozorrubio on December 7. The Health Center houses the Felicidad Sy Wellness center both for children and elderly, providing therapeutic ambiance to help aid the healing experience.

“It is very timely to focus on mothers and children as Christmas is about a mother who gave birth to a baby,” Connie Angeles, SM Foundation Executive Director for Health and Wellness Programs, said. “The health and wellness of a child begins as early as conception. It starts with the physical health of the mother as well as her emotional and psychological well-being.”

The health center has complete facilities for pre to post-natal care as well as programs and amenities to address the needs of the child during its most critical stages of development.

It was learned that its holistic program begins by providing family planning services, orienting couples on healthy child spacing and proper care and nutrition for expectant mothers especially during the first trimester of the pregnancy. During pregnancy, mothers can visit its 24-hour maternity clinic for any health concern. Nursing mothers, may use the breast feeding area.

The center also houses a Felicidad Sy Wellness Center for children and the elderly, providing therapeutic ambiance to help aid the healing experience.

“So far, we are able to catch the mothers during their first trimester which is a critical stage of the pregnancy,” said Dra. Lusiana Bautista, Pozorrubio Municipal Health Officer. “Since we are accredited by PhilHealh (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation) with the Maternity Care Package, we implement the no-billing policy for indigent patents. With this policy, expectant mothers have no reason to not go to the health center.”

The center is also equipped with a Well Baby Clinic for new born care and screening and an expanded program of immunization which are critical for babies 0-1 year old. For the next stage of development, the center carries out ‘Operation Timbang,’ a nutrition program for children 1 – 5 years of age.

Mother and Childrens of Pozorrubio Pangasinan received early Christmas gift from SM foundation thru a 24 hour maternity clinic and facilities for pre and post-natal care during the turnover of newly refurbished and renovated Pozorrubio Health Center.

The center’s newly improved Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center provides physical and occupational therapy programs for children with special conditions such as cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, post traumatic fractures, and the autism spectrum. among others. It also provides referrals for free psychiatric and neurological consultations and assessments.

“We hope to go beyond the physical health care of the child,” explained Angeles. “We care for their well-being as well. By addressing their special needs, they can develop to their full potential. ”

The Pozorrubio Health Center also provides other health services and treatments for patients of all ages. It is also accredited as a four-in-one Philippine Health Insurance Corporation provider which includes primary care benefit (PCB1), TB-DOTS package, maternity care package and newborn care package. It is also licensed by the Department of Health for Primary Diagnostic Laboratory Services.

The center serves 34 barangays with a combined population of 71,302, providing services for 200 – 250 patients a daily basis.

“It is our desire to meet everyone’s health needs,” Dra. Bautista said. “We want everyone to access us anytime, with no hindrance. Needless to say, with the improvements, we are now better equipped to serve more.” northboundasia.com