DAGUPAN CITY — Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte vowed to double the monthly take-home pay of policemen and soldiers if he becomes president as he wants to task them with the duty of helping him clear the streets of criminals and drug pushers to make every community in the country peaceful and orderly.

Speaking before students of Lyceum Northwestern University (LNU) in Dagupan, Duterte noted that the monthly salary of an ordinary policeman is only P14,000 which is definitely not enough if he has a family and children going to school.

He said his campaign against criminals and drug lords will be made better and faster if policemen and soldiers get higher pay, adding that lawmen sometimes are reluctant to do their duties religiously if they think such an action could bring them legal trouble.

“If a policeman is suspended without pay, it will be a big blow to his family which is solely relying upon his monthly take home pay. That is why as much as possible, they do not want to be enmeshed in actions that could bring them legal problem soon,” he said.

Dueterte said if a policeman is sued for his action, he will have to get his own lawyer to defend him in court as his own organization cannot even provide him one.

In his speech, Duterte reiterated that criminals and drug lords who have long victimized peaceful citizens and the society will have something to fear if he succeeds the presidency.

He said he will unleash the full force of the police and the military to get the criminals and drug lords at all cost dead or alive, saying if such action will be questioned, he will own it up and bear all the consequences by himself.

At the same time, Duterte urged policemen to stay away from vice, including womanizing.

The corrupt officials in government will also have something to fear under a Duterte presidency he said as he too will go after them.

He said he will continue the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) and will double the benefits of the beneficiaries, aside from expanding it.

Duterte also said in his presidency, he will merge the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and the Social Security System (SSS) and make the new organization more responsive to the needs of members.

On the Mindanao problem, he said he is the only presidential candidate who understands the situation and is offering federalism as a substitute to the aborted Bangsa Moro Law (BBL).

Duterte arrived at LNU with his vice presidential candidate Senator Alan Peter and their senatorial candidates who include retired General Dionisio Santiago and Dante Liban. PNA/northboundasia.com