Duterte urges ‘selfless’ service in Easter Sunday message


MANILA — Easter can be made more meaningful by offering aid to those in need, President Rodrigo R. Duterte told the faithful on Easter Sunday.

Duterte also urged Filipinos to pray for each other and for lasting peace as it would help in further attaining progress.

“Let us make this occasion more meaningful by offering aid to others, especially to those in need. Let us pray for the welfare and safety of our countrymen and for lasting peace in our nation so that we can all work together in harmony towards real change,” Duterte said in his message.

Duterte said Easter is a day to express gratitude and glorify Jesus Christ for His sacrifices.

“Today we are called to thank the Lord for giving us His only Son to save the world from sin. It is also a time to glorify Jesus for His sacrifices so that we can live with renewed hope towards eternal salvation,” Duterte said.

He also called on Catholics to be humble and forgiving in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“As we remember Christ’s triumph against death, may we nurture humility and forgiveness in our hearts as these will free us from the shackles of hatred and greed. For it is only by being selfless that we can truly say we are worthy of God’s love,” he added.

The President, meanwhile, wished everyone a “solemn” and “joyous” Easter Sunday.

Duterte is currently in Davao City where he will spend Easter with his family.

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