Duterte unfazed by UP students’ walkout

DAVAO CITY – President Rodrigo Duterte appeared unfazed by the walk-out and the protest of the students of the University of the Philippines (UP) calling for his ouster even encouraging them to quit the university for one year if they want.

He said there are many other deserving poor students, children of soldiers and members of the Indigenous Peoples communities who want to have the good education offered by UP.

“Kamong dili mang-iskwela, hawa mo diha kay dad-on ko nang mga nitibong bright ngari. Mao’y ipabutang nako diha. Daghang Pilipino nga gusto’g edukasyon nga gwapo (Those who do not want to go to school anymore, you get out because I will bring these intelligent lumads. I will put them there. There are many Filipinos who want good education,)” Duterte said.

This was the President’s reaction to the walkout of the UP students in Diliman to protest the alleged Duterte-US regime.

The students of UP Mindanao also walked out asking for the ouster of the President.

Duterte prodded demonstrating students not to walk out as he will give them the privilege not to go to school for one year. He the slots could be given to Filipinos who were unlucky to get free education.

He said this during the second day of the Panagtagbo alang sa Kalinaw ug Kalambuan – An Indigenous Peoples Leaders’ forum at the Eastern Mindanao Command in Camp Panacan, this city on Thursday.

“UP? Sige sila’g walkout? I encourage them. You do not go to school anymore. Diha mo sa dalan. Sige. Kay mag-kuha ko’g bag-o, ibutang nako diha— tutal kwarta man na sa tao (UP? They always walkout? I encourage them. Do not go to school anymore. Stay on the street. Go. And I will get new ones…anyway that’s people’s money),” he urged.

The President hinted at reconfiguring rules to accommodate students with minimum qualifications.

Acquiring good education was one of the commitment of the President for the lumads. Lilian  Mellejor/PNA-northboundasia.com