Duterte to ‘tambays’: No arrest, just don’t loiter

MANILA — President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Wednesday insisted that his campaign to apprehend bystanders was for public safety, stressing that “a little discipline” would greatly benefit the country.

Wala namang inaaresto (No one is being arrested). I just don’t want you using the streets to loiter,” Duterte said in his speech in Iloilo City.

Yung utos ko sa pulis na ‘yung mga tambay. Sundin lang ninyo ‘yung utos ko (My order to the police to apprehend bystanders. Just follow my order),” he added.

Duterte, former Davao City Mayor, cited his hometown as an example of a city that has benefited from the strict implementation of rules.

“You know, Davao province used to be one huge territory. And you can see what a little discipline can do to a place,” Duterte said.

He said all Filipinos would live a “comfortable” life if everyone followed orders.

“Look at Davao. Kung masunod ko lang ‘yung Davao sa lahat, okay na. Komportable na tayo (If I can replicate what I did in Davao in the entire country, it will be okay. We’ll be comfortable),” Duterte said.

“I mean that’s the kind of life that I want every Filipino. You can walk around, park or rural road,” he added.

Duterte, meanwhile, warned criminals from loitering the streets or even showing their face at all otherwise, it will be the last time they get to to do so.

Huwag kayong magpakita diyan kasi kayo ang walang katwiran na magpasyal-pasyal kasi ‘pag makita kita, madampot pa kita. Iyon na ‘yung last pasyal mo (Don’t show yourselves there, if you wander the streets and I see your face, I’ll have you picked up. That will be the last time you’ll get to wander the streets),” Duterte said.

On Tuesday, Malacañang allayed fears that the anti-tambay drive of the Philippine National Police (PNP) would be a prelude to a nationwide martial law.

Roque earlier noted that Duterte himself said it would be “complicated” to declare martial law in the entire Philippines and that it was not an option at the moment.

“He has absolutely no intentions right now unless there would be reasons to do so. Wala naman pong nakikita si Presidente sa ngayon (The President doesn’t see any reason at the moment),” he said.

Roque added that police officers will only apprehend bystanders when they have legal basis to do so.

He added that there are legal remedies if police abuse should their power. (PNA-northboundasia.com