Duterte pledges salary hike for public school teachers

Duterte pledges salary hike for public school teachers

MANILA — PDP-LABAN standard bearer Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to increase the salaries of all public school teachers if victorious in the May 9 elections.

He noted that he is aware of the financial difficulties being experienced by teachers as his late mother was also a public school teacher.

Majority of public school teachers in the country often fall prey to money lenders because there is not enough take-home pay to feed their families or even send their own children to school.

Saddled with debts, Duterte said public school teachers and employees continue to depend on money lenders because of their desperation to survive and provide their families with a decent life — despite the exorbitant interest of the loans.

Public school teachers are currently receiving between PhP18,549 and PhP26,878 a month.

Duterte has also promised to adjust the salaries of police and members of the military — to keep them away from corrupt practices.

Along with curbing illegal drugs and criminality, Duterte said his political agenda is anchored on ending corruption. Priam Nepomuceno/PNA / northboundasia.com