Duterte: No letup until drug apparatus is destroyed

MANILA — President Rodrigo R. Duterte has reiterated his stand that the government will not stop until the apparatus of the drug syndicates has been destroyed and the market for illegal drugs is eliminated.

“That is my sacred obligation to the people. I will be naming the mayors and one congressman maybe and the police who are involved,” Duterte said, noting that since the list is long, he could not memorize all the names.

The President said he was alarmed by the scope of the drug crisis. It was not until he assumed office that the depth of the drug problem has been fully revealed.

Since the campaign against illegal drugs started, some 500,000 drug addicts and drug pushers have surrendered to the authorities across the country.

The death toll has risen to 400, including a big-time Chinese drug lord. Several active and retired police generals, a businessman, and several local government officials have been identified as having alleged ties to illegal drug syndicates.

In the intensified campaign, President Duterte has already ordered the military to assist law enforcers in anti-narcotics operations.

Mandatory drug testing for both the military and police have been conducted to ensure the integrity of the men the government counts on to fight the drug war.

Duterte threw his full support on the men in uniform. “For so long as it is done in the performance of the duty by the soldier or the police, akin yan (that is mine). That is my personal and official guarantee. I will answer for the deed. Order ko yan (That is my order),” he said. PNA/northboundasia.com