DAVAO CITY — Mayor Rodrigo Duterte filed his Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for President with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in Manila through his lawyer Salvador Medealdia at 11:55 Friday morning.

This developed after Duterte withdrew his COC for mayor with the Comelec here at 11:40 am Friday.

After withdrawing his COC, Duterte filed a certificate of substitution naming his daughter, former mayor Sara at 11:55.

Sara subsequently filed her COC for mayor as Duterte’s substitute.

The father and daughter came to the Comelec office in a matter of minutes time difference.

“I crossed the bridge of rubicon. I place my future in the hands of God,” Duterte said during a press conference at Task Force Davao before heading to Sarangani province.

While he was sad that he would lose part of his privacy to klieg lights, Duterte said he has no regrets.

He said he would not know what would bring him to the crossroads in life.

The mayor vowed to abide with Comelec and accept its decision regarding the substitution process. “I will forget about qualms – I will accept gracefully,” he said.

He reiterated that his decision is a matter of principle adding that this is his time to face the Filipino people. He highlighted the need to protect the Constitution.

“Pag hindi sinunod and Constitution (If the Constitution is not abided) what would prevent others to violate,” he said.

Future plan

If he makes it – part of his platform is to stop corruption and continue a hardline stance against criminality.

“Either makuha ko ang gusto ko (Either I will get what I want) or I will perish and go somewhere else,” he said.

Either I will deliver or I will resign and give to others the helm of the presidency. He mentioned the military and police which are better armed versus crime.

“I will give the Filipino a comfortable life…corruption has to stop…and criminality,” he said.

Penniless campaign

Duterte will not accept offers of money as campaign kitty.

If there are offers, Duterte said he would tell them not to invest on him but to invest on the country instead to help the economy.

While he vowed no compromise, he said he will look for other means to fund a campaign machinery.

Federalism will be the centerpiece of his campaign.

He vowed to protect the Constitution. PNA