DAVAO CITY — The presidential and vice presidential tandem of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano has committed to a high level of campaign and adhere to rules and regulations of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) as they kick off their campaign sorties with a proclamation rally on Tuesday in Manila’s Tondo where the biggest concentration of poor are still found.

From there, they will proceed to Tuguegarao on February 10 for a campaign rally.

The Duterte-Cayetano campaign will be in contrast to traditional politics (trapo) like mudslinging, character assassination, vote buying, threats and intimidation and electoral violence.”

“We can help effect reforms in our people’s political culture, discarding old practices, and adopting new styles and forms of electoral campaigning,” said Peter Laviña, the head of the Duterte media group, adding that in relying on the capacity, the industry, and the creativity of the people, they will be able to undertake all plans for this rigorous 90-day campaign period and be victorious for the aspirations of the people.

The proclamation rally in Tondo will also mark the team’s partnership with Rep. Amado Bagatsing, who is running for mayor of Manila, and will be helping the campaign of Duterte and Cayetano in Manila.

Duterte’s campaign manager Leoncio Evasco Jr. said they have chosen Tondo because it was where migrants from Visayas and Mindanao settled to seek greener pasture in the National Capital Region (NCR) years ago although many are still living in poverty today.

Evasco said Tondo, which has more than 344,000 voters, still symbolizes the many plight of the poor and it is where the Duterte–Cayetano team will dramatize the issue of the urban poor.

“This is where we aim to start a new beginning for our country and our people. This campaign is not just to seek mandates or to win votes, but most importantly, to empower our citizenry and bring back to our people the power and the capacity for change; to hope for a better life, a better Philippines,” he said.

“Our campaign will be very modest but creative consistent with our limited resources. Our main goal is to reach out to the greatest number of our voters in the country and abroad utilizing all forms of mass media, social media and traditional communications,” he added.

The Duterte-Cayetano tandem will present their platform of government and elaborate on these issues incorporating local situations and addressing these issues at different levels, at different sectors, at different regions.

“These are anchored on ending crime and corruption, increasing social services, promoting economic growth through regional development, building peace, and re-engineering the government system to be responsive to the needs of the citizenry with equality before the law,” Laviña said.

The Duterte-Cayetano tandem is campaigning under the platform of stamping out crime and corruption, lifting up people’s living standards, raising the economy to benefit the many, make government relevant and responsive to the needs of the people, bring peace at home and help build peace to the community of nations.

During the day, the campaign team will hold a recorida, mobile ads, distribution of ballers, postering, placing of tarpaulins and other rally activities. A MAD (Musicians and Artists for Duterte) concert will start the program followed by speeches from Bagatsing and other local speakers. Cayetano is expected to speak 6pm and Duterte at 6:30pm.

The people elsewhere can still listen as 33 radio stations in Mindanao alone will hook up for the nationwide coverage of the mayor’s speech. People can also watch him and listen live via cable and live stream, internet and the social media.

In Davao City where Duterte has set up his national headquarters, a sectoral mass mobilization and caravan will go around the major city streets ending at Rizal Park where a big screen will be set up for the mayor’s message.

Laviña said PDP-Laban candidates with Duterte and Cayetano in the lead and their support and volunteer groups vowed to adhere to all the Comelec Rules and Regulations, including in the campaign activities, propaganda, election finance, election day voting, canvassing and proclamation of winners, among others.

He said that since the Listening Tour of Mayor Duterte on Federalism as well as in the engagements of Senator Cayetano, “We have been helping raise the maturity of our electorates in discussing issues and solutions to our country’s problems. We shall continue the same.” PNA / northboundasia.com