DUMAGUETE CITY — Employees of the city government of Dumaguete are up on their toes following pronouncements the additional cash gifts will depend on how much they are receiving as monthly salary.

The employees said this is unfair, considering that highly-paid employees such as department heads, will get more than what was announced by Dumaguete City Mayor Manuel Teves Sagarbarria that they would receive a minimum of P10,000 or a maximum of P12,000.

The mayor said the reason behind the unequal cash gift distribution is because department heads are receiving more than or double the amount of what had been earlier announced.

The employees lambasted what they believe as inequitable distribution of the additional cash gift since everybody in city hall has been told they will receive a minimum of P10,000 or a maximum of P12,000 regardless of how much an employee is receiving monthly, provided they will still comply with the personnel services limitation of 45 percent.

Mayor Sagarbarria explained his arms are tied while he is for an across-the-board distribution of the additional cash gift but the government guidelines say otherwise.

According to him, the memorandum circular says the city can give the P5,000 minimum additional cash gift or an equivalent of one month salary.

This means that highly paid employees will receive their one month salary and so with the lowly-paid employees.

But those who are receiving less than P5,000 will receive the minimum of P5,000 as provided for in the memorandum circular.

The additional cash gift will be released from December 15 to December 18, 2015. JUANCHO GALLARDE/PNA