DOST-NCR still has 27 loan assistance slots for MSMEs in 2019

MANILA –The Department of Science and Technology – National Capital Region (DOST-NCR) still has 27 slots to fill up this year under the DOST’s Small Enterprises Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), an executive told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Tuesday.

SETUP is DOST’s nationwide program that aims to encourage and assist micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in adopting technological innovations to improve their products and operations.

Through SETUP, the DOST helps improve the MSMEs’ productivity and competitiveness by providing them a loan that is payable in three years.

DOST-NCR PAMAMARISAN (Pasig, Marikina, Mandaluyong, San Juan) Cluster Director Oscar Sevilla said DOST-NCR has a total of 64 SETUP slots to fill up this year.

“About 37 applications are already for approval. So we can still accommodate 27 enterprises,” he said.

Sevilla clarified that the 64 slots he was referring to include financial aid. “We provide other technical assistance under SETUP. That includes assistance in packaging, etc. We provide a lot of technical assistance, but for the slots where we could aid the enterprises financially, we (DOST-NCR) only have 64,” he said.

To inform the public of the DOST’s programs and the assistance it could provide, Sevilla said the DOST-NRC conducts a “roadshow” yearly.

During roadshows, the DOST-NCR invites officials and the media to visit some of the SETUP beneficiaries.

“We do this (roadshow) to showcase the programs that we provide to the industry, community and the academe,” he said.

Sevilla noted that the DOST-NCR also uses this roadshow to find potential partners or SETUP beneficiaries. “We also showcase this to the academe for possible collaborative R&D (research and development),” he added.

On Tuesday, DOST-NCR representatives and Secretary Fortunato dela Pena visited five MSMEs who were SETUP beneficiaries.

They visited Aretei Foods Corp., Bristol Shoes, Twinville Homeowners’ Association Inc., TJ Milky Mushroom and Marikina Mushroom Coop (a beneficiary of DOST’s Community Empowerment through Science and Technology program).

“It is important for us to show the impact of DOST’s programs among those we have helped,” Sevilla remarked.

Another roadshow is set on Thursday, February 21 in CAMANAVA (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela), he added.Ma. Cristina Arayata /