Domogan calls for calmness and cooperation amidst bombing scare

BAGUIO CITY – Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan on Thursday, September 8 called on the Baguio City Muslim Community to initiate an investigation on unfamiliar faces coming from the south.

He also called on the city residents to be calm and be cooperative.

Domogan opined that the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf may be implementing tactical movements to divert the attention of the military in their stronghold, and may again commit atrocities in different parts of the country.

This is the very reason why President Rodrigo Duterte proclaimed the country under the “State of Lawless Violence”, the mayor said.

“The State of Lawless Violence” is provided for under Article 7 Sec 18 of the 1987 Constitution giving extraordinary powers to the Philippine President, which he (the President) does not have under normal circumstances, Domogan explained.

Domogan reminded the people to remain calm and help each other and the police, to be observant in their surroundings and immediately call the attention of the authorities.

Domogan said police authorities beefed up security at the city’s night market to avert any attempt of the bandit group to sow terror.

There is a possibility that since security is already tight in Davao, the people responsible in the bombing may look for other areas they can dispose of their bombs.

The military and the police should also consider the possibility that these terrorists are not different from any ordinary citizen once they mingle in an area, Domogan said.

Casualties in the military and police are high because of this factor – terrorists look like ordinary civilians and will only strike when the authorities are not aware of their presence.

“It will be a different story if and when the citizenry will help in identifying the terrorist and not, that is why we need the cooperation of the people, Domogan added. Jojo Lamaria/PNA/