SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union — Department of Labor and Employment-Regional Office 1 has passed the stage 2 ISO 9001:2008 audit, according to two management staff of the Certification International Philippines, Inc. (CIPI).

Margarita Pambid, head of the CIPI audit team that conducted the audit, said this means that DOLE Region 1’s quality management system (QMS) generally complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Pambid and another auditor, Rene David, conducted the audit of the DOLE regional office and its entire six field offices on December 17 and 18, and on December 21 and 22 as part of its goal of obtaining an ISO 9001:2008 certification by the end of the year.

While the CIPI audit report showed three minor non-conformities and a few opportunities for improvement (OFIs), it, nonetheless, indicated that the QMS of the regional office and its entire six field offices generally complies with ISO 9001:2008 standards, the two said.

The office has one month from the date of the exit conference to submit to the CIPI an action plan on the corrections that will be undertaken regarding the minor non-conformities and OFIs.

“Thank you to the CIPI audit team for extensively looking into the different aspects of our QMS, and helping us further improve in the process. I am quite happy with the results, said DOLE 1 Regional Director Grace Ursua during the exit conference held at DOLE-1 conference room in the afternoon of Dec. 2.

It means that everyone has remained focused and committed in our goal of making our processes at par with international standards,” Ursua added.

The thrust is in line with President Aquino III’s objective of streamlining procedures in the government to facilitate service delivery, she intoned.

DOLE-RO 1 has enrolled 18 core processes in its QMS, namely, registration of union, registration of workers association, accreditation of co-partner, working child permit, registration of contractors and sub-contractors, certificate of no pending case; SPES (solicitation), SPES (monitoring, alien employment permit, DOLE Integrated Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program (DILEEP), Single Entry Approach (SEnA), job fair permit/clearance, registration of private recruitment and placement agency, CBA registration, accreditation of safety practitioners, joint assessment, compliance visit and OSH investigation.

On the other hand, 15 of its support services have been enrolled, namely, leave administration, corrective maintenance of IT equipment; preventive maintenance of IT equipment; data protection and back-up; processing and payment of claims; procurement planning; procurement process; supplies management; evaluation of suppliers; conduct of capacity building; recruitment, selection and appointment, web publication of press releases; corrective maintenance of building and vehicles; preventive maintenance of building and vehicles and collection procedure.

“With the positive results of the stage 2 audit, I can say, we are very near our goal. But I would like to reiterate that having an ISO certification is not the end result; instead, it should be a greater reason to continually improve our services with full client satisfaction as our ultimate aim,” Director Ursua said.

Based on its finding, the audit team is set to recommend the conferment of an ISO 9001:2008 certification to DOLE-Region 1. PNA