DOJ readies extradition of Pinoy doc over foiled NY terror plot

DOJ readies extradition of Pinoy doc over foiled NY terror plot

MANILA — The Department of Justice is set to start processing the extradition request from the United States government against Dr. Russel Salic.

Salic, 37, is among the three people now facing charges in the US for allegedly plotting attacks in New York City.

“It only means that we have to begin the extradition proceedings being requested. We have a process to be followed and this has been done many times in the past. The PI (preliminary investigation) in the meantime will continue,” Aguirre said in a statement Sunday.

Salic is also linked to local terror group Maute, who underwent preliminary investigation in DOJ for kidnapping and murder charges last August for his alleged involvement in kidnappings and beheadings blamed on Islamic State (IS) followers.

He is being accused by five Iligan City residents of involvement in the abduction of complainants Gabriel Tomatao Permitis, Alfredo Sarsalejo Cano-os, Esperanza Permitis, Adonis Antipisto Mendez, and Julito Permitis Janubas at a sawmill on April 4, 2016.

Prior to their abduction, the group claimed to have seen Salic talking to couple Cayamora and Farhana Maute.

Cayamora, the father of the terrorist brothers, died while in detention at Camp Bagong Diwa last August 27 while their matriarch remained detained in connection with the Marawi City attack.

The suspect, an orthopedic surgeon by profession, allegedly sent money to help fund the planned attacks, according to US court documents, which have been made public.

US authorities said Friday that they disrupted a plot by Salic and two other Islamic State group sympathizers Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy and Talha Haroon, both 19, to carry out terrorist attacks at New York City locations, including concert venues, subway stations and Times Square in the summer of 2016.

Salic is currently detained at the National Bureau of Investigation since April.