MANILA  — The Department of Justice (DOJ) has dismissed the two criminal complaints filed against the officialdom of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) for lack of sufficient basis and evidence.

In two separate resolutions, the DOJ panel of prosecutors has recommended the dismissal of the complaints filed by Isaias Samson and Lito Fruto against the Sanggunian of the INC.

According to the DOJ, the camp of Samson failed to prove his accusations of grave coercion and illegal detention against the INC.

The DOJ said that the complainant failed to present evidence that he suffered physical harm, threats, violence and intimidation from the Sanggunian INC when his passport, service vehicle, laptop, cellphone and other personal belongings were confiscated, as well as the alleged forcible entry into his residence.

Aside from the case of Samson, the DOJ also found no probable cause in the complaint of Fruto against the INC for alleged illegal arrest, arbitrary detention and violation of abode.

The DOJ also dismissed Fruto’s complaint of robbery since he was not in his place of residence when the alleged robbery took place.

The resolutions were signed and approved by Prosecutor General Claro A. Arellano.

The panel that investigated the cases was headed by Senior Deputy State Prosecutor Theodore Villanueva and its members are Assistant State Prosecutors Olivia Torevillas and Mark Roland Estepa.  Perfecto T. Raymundo/PNA