DOH reports 32 deaths, 1,507 dengue cases in Eastern Visayas

PALO LEYTE — Dengue fever has already killed eight people and afflicted at least 1,507 others here as of last week, the Department of Health (DOH) confirmed on Monday.

DOH regional epidemiology and surveillance unit chief Roderick Boyd Cerro said it was possible that the region would end the year with more than 6,000 dengue cases similar to last year.

“Although there were no outbreaks in the region between January to middle of May this year, there were some weeks that cases are higher than last year,” Cerro said.

“If the trend now will continue until the later part of 2017, we will have 6,000 dengue cases. The disease spreads all throughout the year depending on the mosquito population,” he added.

The official warned that mosquito population could still increase even during sunny days as people tend to store more water in open containers.

Other strategies of the health department to combat rising cases are intensified mosquito control efforts, coordinate with local government units in information drive, conduct fogging and spreading larvicide in areas with clustering of cases, install dengue express lanes in hospitals, purchase and preposition of fluids.

Dengue fever is marked by an onset of sudden high fever, severe headache, and pain behind the eyes, muscles and joints. Some may develop rashes and varying degree of bleeding from various parts of the body.

Cerro urged those suffering dengue symptoms to immediately seek consultation from local health workers to prevent deaths from this mosquito-borne disease. Sarwell Meniano/