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MANILA — The Department of Health (DOH) is advising the people staying in evacuation centers in areas affected by typhoon “Nona” to protect themselves from the threat of diseases there.

DOH spokesman Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy said on Wednesday that due to congested conditions in the evacuation centers, certain illnesses can easily spread and be transferred from one individual to another.

“Infections in the evacuation area can easily happen due to the big number of people staying there and the limited space,” he added.

Dr. Lee-Suy said the common illnesses are coughs and colds, skin and eye infections, measles, and dengue.

Unclean water can also lead to outbreak of gastroenteritis, hepatitis A, typhoid fever and diarrhea.

People can also develop leptospirosis if they happen to accidentally wade or get exposed to dirty floodwaters.

Dr. Lee-Suy stressed that it is important for the evacuees to maintain and practice good hygiene by washing their hands often, especially when going out from comfort rooms.

He said it is important also to seek immediate consultation with a doctor in order to prevent the spread of infection in the evacuation areas.

At the same time, Dr. Lee-Suy said that self-medication such as taking of unprescribed antibiotics and medicines is being discouraged by the DOH.

He added that taking medicines not prescribed by doctors is risky and can possibly result to adverse reactions such as developing resistance to antibiotics andallergies.

He explained that medicines that work for the good of an individual may not exactly produce the same result to others.

As part of the services rendered by the government to the families affected by the onslaught of typhoon “Nona,” the DOH has prepositioned medicines and supplies in various region to ensure that health assistance is within the reach of those needing it.

Regional and provincial hospitals and rural health units have also been alerted by the DOH to be ready in attending to any health emergencies and accidents in times of bad weather conditions. PNA

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