DOE releases energy-saving tips for summer

MANILA — The Department of Energy (DOE) continues to encourage the public to use electricity conscientiously, not only to reduce their electric bills but also to minimize fire hazards caused by electrical appliances, especially during the summer months.

In a news release, the department encouraged consumers to reduce the use of air-conditioning for two hours every day. This will reduce their consumption by 30.5 kilowatt hours (kWh) worth PHP346.50. Setting the air-conditioner to 25 degrees Celsius will also save up to 12.6 kWh worth PHP138.60 per month.

Reducing the use of the television set by one hour every day will save up to 1.8 kWh worth PHP19.80, while setting the electric fan to “Low” will reduce consumption by 4.8 kWh worth PHP52.80.

Reducing the use of lights by one hour every day will mean a reduction of 0.45 kWh worth PHP4.95.

The department likewise suggested the use of mobile phones for social media or Internet browsing. It said reducing the use of the computer by one hour every day will reduce consumption by 4.5 kWh worth PHP49.50. Laptops or tablets use less power than desktop computers. This means a reduction of up to 30 kWh worth PHP330.

It also asked consumers to avoid frequently opening and closing the refrigerator to reduce consumption by 2.59 kWh worth PHP28.40.

Do ironing chores only once a week or on weekends to avoid peak hours, the DOE advised. Reducing the use of the flat iron by one hour would save up to 4 kWh worth PHP44.