DNA testing on ‘Kulot’ within realm of PNP

MANILA — The Philippine National Police (PNP) maintained that the autopsy conducted by the Crime Laboratory on the cadaver found in Gapan, Nueva Ecija believed to the missing Reynaldo “Kulot” De Guzman is strictly legal and within their mandate.

This was stressed by PNP spokesperson Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos in a Radyo Pilipinas report Wednesday.

The police official made this statement after the Public Attorney’s Office questioned the PNP’s authority in conducting the DNA test without properly notifying the family, their legal representatives and the NBI which is now tasked to look into the deaths of ‘Kulot’ and his 19-year-old companion Carl Angelo Arnaiz who was allegedly killed by police last Aug. 18 after robbing a cab driver.

The PNP Crime Laboratory DNA test revealed that the body found in Gapan, Nueva Ecija is not the missing ‘Kulot’ as none of the buccal and blood samples taken from the body matched with those taken from Eduardo Gabriel and Lina De Guzman, the victim’s parents.

Carlos said this is the first time in 70 years that results of the forensic investigation of the PNP Crime Laboratory has been questioned.He also shrugged off claims the PNP is not equipped and uncapable of doing DNA testing as their equipment are new and up to par with international standards. PNA-northboundasia.com