DILG calls on local chief executives to keep dogs vaccinated

MANILA — The Department of Interior and Local Government has urged local chief executives to keep dogs vaccinated following the celebration of the Rabies Awareness Month.

According to a statement from the department, governors and mayors should host activities that will raise awareness regarding rabies mitigation and responsible ownership in their respective communities.

The department suggests that local governments hang streamers, posters and other information materials in conspicuous place and organize trainings on rabies awareness advocacy.

DILG secretary Ismael Sueno also ordered DILG regional directors and field officers to disseminate the issuance to the local government units.

Rabies is a human infection that starts from a transdermal bite or scratch from an infected animal such as a dog or cat. The infection could also be transmitted through saliva to a fresh skin lesion and through inhaling virus-containing spray or through organ transplants.

The Health Department earlier said 200-300 Filipinos die annually from the infection. PNA-northboundasia.com