DFA: Filipinos not among arrested by US immigration officials

MANILA — The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Monday said it has not received any information that there were Filipinos rounded up by immigration authorities in the United States.

US President Donald Trump has given the green light immigration officers to round up illegal migrants working in the US.

“So far, we haven’t received reports of Filipinos being among those rounded up,” DFA spokesman and Assistant Sec. Charles Jose said in a text message.

US authorities started arresting hundreds of undocumented migrants, the first large-scale raids under President Trump, triggering panic in immigrant communities nationwide.

Reports reaching DFA, the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency rounded up undocumented individuals living in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and other nearby cities.

The nightmare of illegal migrants started two weeks after Trump signed an executive order to deport undocumented immigrants. PNA-northboundasia.com