Dengue info drive intensified in Pangasinan town


MANGALDAN, Pangasinan — Information drive seeking to motivate the people on the need to have a cleaner environment to prevent dengue is now in full swing in Mangaldan town.

Zita Lapore, sanitation inspector, said this was done after 11 persons mostly children were afflicted with dengue and one of them died along Frianeza Street in Mangaldan Poblacion this month.

Mobilized to undertake the information dissemination drive are personnel of the Rural Health Unit (RHU) who are now going house-to-house in order to bring their message across to the residents.

She said the residents need not only rely on misting and fogging operations in their barangays but must also do something to make their houses and surroundings clean.

The misting and fogging operations are being conducted in areas where there were cases of dengue, especially those where there were registered fatalities, she clarified.

Lapore said the truth is, they are actually discouraging the conduct of misting and fogging operations because they believe that cleanliness in homes and the surroundings is the better option to prevent dengue.

If the homes are clean, there will be no breeding sites for mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus, she said.

She admitted that there are several barangays requesting the Municipal Health Office to conduct misting and fogging operations but this can only be done, Lapore said, if the disease hits clusters of barangays.

Up to this time, she said, this has not happened in any part of the town yet.

Last year, the MHO conducted misting and fogging operations in only a few of the 31 barangays of Mangaldan.

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