Dengue-free La Union village receives Award

SAN FERNANDO CITY, La Union- For having no dengue case recorded in 2015, Barangay Cabarsican, a rural village 13 kilometers southeast of the city proper, received a plaque of recognition presented by health authorities last Thursday.

Barangay Captain Henry Nullar said that his village seriously implemented Health’s Department Operation Tatak (Search and Destroy Larvae Collection), where empty cans, bottles and other
water-containing materials were disposed or turned upside down to prevent rainwater accumulation.

It will be recalled that this city as a whole, was one of the highest in recorded dengue cases in the entire province, in contrast to Cabarsican, with over a thousand population and 269 households in a land area of 314.620 hectares.

Meanwhile, Maria Consuelo Virtudazo, sanitary inspector, said that they have launched an anti-dengue program that coincides with the Dengue Awareness Month in Barangay Sevilla, this week.

Sevilla, one of the highest in dengue cases in the previous year, which included a fatality, was the venue for the La Union and San Fernando local governments and the Department of Health Region I’s Aksiyon Barangay Kontra Dengue, which offers kilos of rice equivalent to kilos of disposed rubber tires.

“We will give kilos of rice corresponding to the kilos of tires after weighing, so that means, 50 kilos of rubber tires equals 1 cavan (50 kilos) of rice,” Virtudazo explained.

“This is one way to increase awareness against dengue and that we used the tire to symbolize a can-be recycled material or throw-away garbage which is the most vulnerable breeding place of dengue-carrying mosquitoes,” Virtudazo said.

She said that the Rice for Tire program would also be held in ten top dengue-barangays in the succeeding days. William Jun Garcia /