Dengue cases continue to increase in CAR with 20 recorded deaths

BAGUIO CITY –- Dr. Julius Cesar Alcala, Department of Health–Cordillera Region (DOH-CAR) head of the Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (RESU), on Friday, October 14, confirmed that there were 20 dengue related deaths recorded between January and October 9 this year compared to 11 deaths recorded in the same period last year.

Alcala said dengue fever cases in the region continue to increase with 9,413 cases recorded from January to October 9 as against the 8,220 cases registered in the same period last year.

Alcala added that there is a wide age bracket afflicted with dengue which is between one month old and 96 years old. More than 50 percent of the patients are males or equivalent to about 5,000 individuals.

The Province of Benguet recorded the highest increase in dengue cases at 169 percent or 3,952 reported cases compared to the 1,467 cases last year.

In Baguio City, there is a 136-percent increase with 2,585 reported cases this year compared to the 1,095 cases last year.

The Province of Ifugao recorded a 46 percent increase in cases with 908 compared to 622 cases last year.

Other Cordillera provinces reported significant decrease in cases with Kalinga posting the highest decrease at 69 percent with 640 cases this year compared to the 2,085 cases last year.

The province of Abra posted a 65 percent decrease with 313 cases this year compared to the 888 cases last year.

Apayao has a 50-percent drop with 384 cases in 2016 compared to the 775 cases in 2015; Mountain Province posted the lowest decrease at 43 percent with 362 cases this year compared to the 633 cases last year.

Dengue cases from non-CAR areas also decreased by 59 percent with 269 reported cases this year compared to the 655 cases last year.

Alcala explained that dengue fever is caused by any of the four types of virus transmitted by a female Aedes mosquito.

Alcala called for continuous cooperation and coordination of all sectors to help in intensifying the campaign against Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika and Japanese Encephalitis. Jojo Lamaria/