BACOLOD CITY — Volume of eggs imported by Negros Occidental from local sources is expected to rise this December as demand significantly increases during Yuletide season, the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) said.

A report on the Domestic Movement of Animal Product of PVO showed the province has already imported a total of 4,263,985 pieces of eggs in the first 10 months of the year.

With most holidays celebrated in December, the egg importation of the province is expected to increase this month – more than October’s 800,800 pieces.

PVO records showed that the almost 4.3 million eggs Negros Occidental imported as of October included 1,626, 480 pieces of table egg; 1,429,690 pieces of hatching egg; 1,196,600 pieces of balut; 11,200 pieces of quail egg; and 15 pieces of duck egg.

These eggs are sourced from Iloilo, Roxas, and Manila, where the biggest bulk comes especially in terms of hatching eggs and balut.

Table eggs are basically for human consumption while hatching eggs are being utilized by companies and hatchery integrators in the province.

Provincial Veterinarian Renante Decena said the province ever since is really deficit egg supply although the level of consumption varies every month.

He added that the current average egg production capacity of the province is 500,000 pieces per day.

Decena said this is still insufficient to meet the demand even if the per capita consumption of the province is only 20 million eggs, based on the average eight pieces average consumption per person year.

“On top of the 2.5 million population of Negros Occidental, movement of tourists and visitors to the province increases the demand plus the huge food sector industry requirement especially of pastry makers which require high egg supply,” the PVO chief noted.

PVO records further showed that the increasing trend of egg importation starts in June, during class opening thus, consumption is high during that month.

Decena said the PVO through its Livestock Production Division is working on increasing the province’s egg production efficiency and growth. PNA