Dela Rosa orders tracing source of malicious message on metro bomb attack

MANILA — Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald Dela Rosa on Wednesday ordered police intelligence services to trace the origin of a malicious message circulating online and through text messages about a supposed plot to bomb malls in Metro Manila.

Based on the dubious message which has already gone viral, four female suicide bombers from Basilan were sent to target various malls in Metro Manila.

The message further stated that the information was confirmed by the chief PNP’s daughter.

Dela Rosa wonders why the perpetrators of such malicious message even use his daughter, as he emphasized that the message is a hoax.

Meanwhile, PNP spokesperson Police Supt. Dionardo Carlos said there were already four versions of the same message that have circulated.

The PNP called on the public not to pass the false message so as not to cause unnecessary fear and panic among the citizenry. Angelo Samonte/PNA/