Death toll of massive landslide in Colombia rises to 254, President Santos says

MOSCOW — The death toll of massive landslide that in Colombia continues to grow, with country’s President Juan Manuel Santos announcing that over 250 people were killed.

The death of toll of the landslide that hit the western Colombian city of Mocoa in the province of Putumayo increased to 254, Santos said citing data provided by police.

“That is a very regrettable number,” the president said, as quoted by the RCN Radio broadcaster.

According to the Colombian Red Cross, about 400 people were injured in the landslide, while 220 are missing.

Heavy rains in the country led to rivers bursting their banks, flooding hundreds of homes with mud in the city of Mocoa, bordering Ecuador and Peru.

The landslide totally destroyed three districts and severely affected 14 others. About 2,500 personnel of security and emergency services have been sent on the ground.

President Santos, who arrived at the site to coordinate search and rescue operation, announced a public calamity regime. PNA/