Danish brewery pioneers instant beer – just add water!

MOSCOW — Sometimes one’s desire for beer simply cannot be satisfied for obvious reasons. To fix this, a Danish brewery has invented an always-handy powder called “instant craft beer”. The beer-flavored crystals are in effect a freeze-dried concoction which is water-soluble and almost ready for consumption.

According to Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther, founders of the To Øl Brewery (literally “Two beers”), the freeze-drying procedure effectively separates beer’s dry matter in a way that does not harm the taste. During the process, both water and alcohol are completely evaporated from the beer, leaving sugars, proteins, bittering compounds, and aromatic elements in the powder. The characteristic beer taste will emerge after the addition of water, but in order to get the pleasant buzz as well, future consumers will have to add some alcohol, too, Danish newspaper Copenhagen Post reported.

By To Øl’s own admission, the new powder is designed to allow people to enjoy quality beer in places where it’s not easily accessible, like during a hiking tour or on a flight.

However, a future version containing alcohol could run into approval issues across the globe. For instance, despite the fact that the US federal government has approved powdered alcohol, several states have already moved to ban it, saying that there’s a risk it could be abused by minors, snorted or used to spike drinks with criminal intent.

To Øl was started in 2010 as a “gypsy” brewery, without its own facilities, but with a vision of reviving the beer culture. Since 2010, To Øl has come up with many different beer tastes to please even the most sophisticated aficionados, including a beer brewed with coffee and one brewed with various tropical fruits. Other “special ingredients” include oats and sea-buckthorn, which are said to lend the beer a “Nordic” feel. Another discipline To Øl seeks to excel at is design and the art of packaging. Today, To Øl beer is available in more than 40 countries worldwide. PNA/Sputnik -northboundasia.com