Dagupan vows to enforce traffic rules more strictly

DAGUPAN CITY — Traffic enforcers in Dagupan City vowed to enforce traffic laws in the city more strictly but would not confiscate licenses of traffic violators, warning drivers not to take this policy lightly or else they would be enmeshed in more troubles.

The warning was made by former police officer Carlito Ocampo, now the city’s chief of Public Order and Safety Office (POSO) and of the City Action Service Team (CAST) as he revealed that the “no license confiscation policy” started Sept. 1 since his assumption as POSO chief after Mayor Belen T. Fernandez appointed him to the post.

Ocampo called on drivers of public utility vehicles not to take the policy lightly as this entails a much tedious and cumbersome process of settling traffic violations.

“While we are deviating from the old practice of license confiscation, we would like to warn our drivers that non-payment of penalty corresponding to their violations will result in the filing of case in the court which will give rise to the possible issuance of a warrant of arrest from the court. This is stiffer penalty than confiscating their license,” explained Ocampo.

Ocampo said that from the time a driver was issued a citation ticket, he has within 72 hours to pay the corresponding penalty.

“After the lapse of 72 hours, we will be compelled to forward the citation ticket to the city legal officer who will file the corresponding case to the prosecutor’s office. If the complaint is sufficient in form and substance according to the appreciation of the prosecutor’s office, the case will now be elevated to the court. Upon receipt of the complaint by the court, the court will issue summon to the erring drivers,” said Ocampo.

Ocampo further disclosed that violations of the city’s traffic ordinance falls under summary procedure, hence the need for summons.

“But if they fail to appear on the date and time designated by the court in their summons, the erring drivers may be arrested anytime by way of a warrant of arrest from the court,” said Ocampo. PNA/northboundasia.com