Dagupan soon to put up its own City Pound for dogs, cats

DAGUPAN CITY — The city government will soon establish a City Pound in Barangay Bonuan Boquig here where all stray dogs that will be caught from all over the city will be impounded.

Mayor Belen Fernandez said the move complements the ongoing anti-rabies vaccination drive for dogs and cats being implemented by the city veterinary office.

She said the establishment of the city pound is part of the city’s program to make the city street safer for all the city residents and visitors.

The objective is to minimize if not totally eliminate the problem of rabies caused by bites from rabid dogs, some of which are still roaming the streets and the neighborhood, .

She said the campaign against stray dogs is provided for in Artikulo Uno as stipulated in an executive order signed by her last year instilling discipline among city residents which was just a reiteration of a long-standing city ordinance.

The mayor said a task force created by her to enforce strict compliance with Artikulo Uno will also be given the additional task to catch all stray dogs and cats and bring them to the City Pound where they will be vaccinated and redeemed by their owners.

In a talk to newsmen Monday night, Fernandez said she saw a lot of stray dogs roaming around despite previous warnings by the city to keep their dogs on leash and in dog houses. PNA-northboundasia.com