Dagupan now open for business with launching of ICT-BPM Roadmap

DAGUPAN CITY — Mayor Belen T. Fernandez has officially declared that Dagupan is now open for business following the successful ICT-BPM (Information Communications Technology- Business Process Management) Conference attended by industry leaders, where the ICT-BPM Roadmap for Dagupan was also launched, hosted by the city government on July 22 at CSI Stadia.

The mayor said the launching is expected to draw more digital opportunities and create more jobs to be made available to everyone as soon as new businesses will start to operate in the city, given the fact that Dagupan has a strong pool of talents in ICT-BMP, ready to be tapped.

Fernandez received from Jonathan De Luzuriaga, president of the Software Industry, the city’s ICT-BPM roadmap, which could put Dagupan in the world map for investors to consider as the next place for their investment.

The mayor said with the recent approval of the city’s new Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and Zoning Ordinance, “we are rewriting our next chapter of growth for our people.”

The newly passed CLUP replaced an outdated land use plan enacted way back in 1978.

Fernandez assured that with the new CLUP, the city will soon have a new government center or city hall which would make Dagupan even more to become the nucleus of development in Pangasinan and Region 1.

“We are building not just one, or two, but three new growth centers, to add to our present but congested business district. These are the Bonuan growth center, the Manguin-Tebeng growth center, and the Lucao-Pantal growth center,” she said.

Plans have now been made to build new IT parks at the midway zone as the new base for ICT-BPM enterprises and industries and the city is now carefullly planning the purposes for these developments, all of which have been integrated into,our new CLUP for the year 2015 to 2025., Feenandez added. This will make Dagupan, she said, as the prime destination of choice for trade, commerce and tourism.

Fernandez further disclosed that with the approval of the city’s zoning ordinance the city has also plotted the new direction for the growth and development of new enterprises, new centers for residential and socialized housing, the establishment of new institutions, parks and recreation, tourism, among others.

“We are set to build a new government center and various tourism facilities. We have set our new areas for mixed used offices for future development, institutional buildings, residential developments, a new fishport, a new transport terminal, among many of the exciting developments that is set to take place anytime now,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez said Dagupan will be wearing a new face of development. These new city development plans shall be more resilient, well planned, expansive, and responsive to all the city’s future needs according to Fernandez.

“We believe that we cannot just continue to grow and plan later. Our challenge and our commitment to all is to create Dagupan as a new and better model of development for 21st century economies, to build a shared prosperity and the future we want where we shall now optimize the power of ICT-BPMs to support and sustain our development,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez believes that ICT is both an engine of economic growth and a valuable source of information, and these technologies have spurred cycle of skills, employment and investment in applications and tools that are fundamental leaps in innovation.

“The strong presence here today of the broadest spectrum of stakeholders should speak well of that resolve, of our new spirit for achievement. I believe that the full potentials of ICT-BPM will only be realized if these transformative technologies are also accompanied by our shared values, shared commitment, and shared solidarity with all of you here today,” said Fernandez. PNA/northboundasia.com