DAGUPAN CITY — Mayor Belen Fernandez called on members of the majority in the city council to a close door meeting after the legislative body adjourned its first regular session for the new year today without approving the city’s annual budget for 2016 in the amount of Php 768 million.

Fernandez was worried because beginning Jan. 1, Dagupan operates on a reenacted budget and any more delay in the approval of a new annual budget would have bad consequence on the job order workers of the city as well as projects to be funded by the budget.

The meeting was intended to devise a strategy to cut the unnecessary delay in the approval of the budget.

In that close-door meeting were Councilors Maybelyn Fernandez, Jeslito Seen, Jose Netu Tamayo, Jesus Canto and Lino Fernandez, all allies of the mayor. Another of her ally, Karlos Reyna was absent while three others Alfie Fernandez, Marvin Fabia and Alvin Coquia left ahead.

Councilor Canto said he was for the approval of the budget and called on all his colleagues to unite to ensure its approval.

The city council took note of the letter of Mayor Fernandez calling for the approval of the budget now.

Canto noted that the committee report on the budget was already submitted by appropriations chairman Seen but the minority said they did not receive any copy from their secretary.

However, city council secretary attested he furnished all councilors with the copy of the committee report. PNA/northboundasia.com