Dagupan cop chief to drug pushers: Surrender to barangay chairs not enough

DAGUPAN CITY — The Dagupan City police station (DCPS) commended the initiative of barangay officials in encouraging drug personalities in their respective communities to surrender but clarified that this does not remove them from the drug watchlist.

Supt. Christopher Abrahano chief of police of Dagupan City, said although the drug personalities surrendered and pledges commitment to leave their illegal activities, they are still subject for operation.

“It should be fair game, kahit sumuko na subject pa rin sila for operation kasi papel lang yon,” said Abrahano.

He said the surrenderees should be processed like all violators of the law and if covered by warrants of arrests must be arrested and post bails as recommended by the courts.

Among the barangay officials here who are active in urging drug personalities to surrender is barangay captain Rico Mejia of Bonuan Gueset, who admitted he was a former drug dependent in his younger age.

In an interview, Mejia said he was doing this to let the drug dependents know that they can still break out from illegal drugs just like him.

Abrahano said, “There is nothing wrong with what he is doing since it is his tool for change.”

The station listed 470 illegal drug personalities under watch list in the city so far.

“But this list is comprehensive as it includes those reported via our text line and other sources,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Dagupan police prepares for an all-out war against illegal drugs as mandated by President Rodrigo Duterte to the Philippine National Police (PNP).

“We are very and always prepared,” said Abrahano when asked about the security of Dagupan policemen in case of retaliation from illegal drug personalities in the city.

He said they have heightened their level of awareness since criminals do not know exactly who among the policemen are directly involved in the anti-drug operations, their exact targets.

“We suggested that their firearms are chamber loaded, always be ready, in good condition, always alert, everyone they encounter is presumed to be an aggressor”, said Abrahano.

He added, “it is our mandate that everybody among us will go home to their respective families every night (day) alive.” PNA / northboundasia.com